Friday, October 24, 2014


It's funny how much you learn because of your kids.  Big stuff like unconditional love and little stuff like the best way to get crayon off of walls (Magic Eraser).  I changed a lot when I had Xander.  And again, and more so, when I had the twins.  I'm still me -  still sarcastic and stubborn - but I listen more and fret less.  And really - this isn't the kids' doing.  They are instruments that God is using to teach me things.  I just hear Him more clearly through them, sometimes.

Like today.  Quick backdrop:  the house has been a perpetual mess for a few days.  I'm not sure if it's more than usual, or if the cold setting in is already making me remember being stir-crazy and I'm noticing the mess more.  Regardless, my mindset is that I'm living in squalor, despite making efforts to clean even more than normal.  Lucas isn't coming home until very late tonight.  I made the kids' dinner then let them eat it in the living room while I cleaned the kitchen for the 3rd time today (earlier I made cookies from scratch for small group tonight so the kitchen has stayed dirty too).  I came back in the living room to get them in the bathtub and found a giant mess.  my fault for letting them eat in there, but still.  One more thing to clean.  So basically - I'm tired.

But all of the kids were playing nicely in Xander's room for the moment, so I decided to sit down and look at a blog post I had clicked on earlier but never got a chance to read.  It was about adoption and foster care and I have always had a soft spot for those subjects.  So I was crying while reading it when suddenly Paxton bursts into the room laughing.  I looked up and smiled at him through my tears, but he stopped in his tracks.  He walked to me, climbed up on the couch, and laid his head on me.  He looked up at me with his big bottom lip stuck way out and tears in his eyes.  I told him everything was okay, but he stayed right by me for a good while.  He just looked at me and put his little hand on my leg and sat there.  Just sat there.

Isn't that amazing?  Isn't that what we should do sometimes?  Instead of trying to fix or offer solutions or even empathizing - which are all good things - maybe sometimes we should just sit beside someone.  Cry with them.  Say "I'm sad that you're sad."  Just be there.  You don't always have to know what to say.  It's okay if you haven't experienced the same thing.  Just be there. (Bonus points if you stick your bottom lip out.)

Since then I've gotten 2 other reminders to just "be there."  And one was from a totally fictional detective book I've been reading.  I don't know why I need this lesson, but apparently I'm supposed to hear it.  I'm thankful that God "speaks" to me in these ways.  If I had to learn things from Him only in church on Sunday mornings or in the middle of the deepest holiest prayer ever uttered, well, I wouldn't learn nearly as much.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday happenings

I've been battling myself with whether or not to get Paxton's hair cut.  It's fairly long, but it's really pretty, y'all.  I know it won't stay blonde long, and it's just so cute.  I envisioned him having cute, shaggy, surfer-boy hair.  (You know what I mean?)  But it won't flip out or look cute, really - it just hangs over his ears looking like a helmet.  So this morning I bribed the twins with suckers and "Mimi Coke" (which is Coke) and we headed to the barber shop and Pax got a little trim.

He sleeps on his back, so his hair is always crazy back here, even after a trim

He did better than I expected.  His first haircut was torture and the next "trim" didn't last long, because he kept shaking his head back and forth and swatting at Big Papa.  Oh, and yeah - my dad, their Big Papa, is a barber.  So that helps.  So yeah - this time I sat him on my lap, gave him a sucker and my phone, and he looked down and played Angry Birds while my dad worked.

I like it!  I wanted to keep it long on top (he'll let me trim his bangs every now and then so I wasn't worried about that) but get it off his ears.  It looks very cute.

After that we came home and gave the dog a bath, which means I have had a crazy productive Tuesday so far!  And look, now I'm blogging.  I should take a nap. 

Here are pictures from the last few days for my P365 project.

Day 136 - Probably our last day of playing outside in shorts (and some of us topless) for the year

Day 137 - Xander and his cousins at our local fall Carnival.  Right after I snapped this, Xander knocked that giant spider off the dude's hand.

Day 138 - The top part of this was my very first Instagram post.  The bottom was taken almost exactly 2 years later.

Day 139 - I went to get them up from nap yesterday and walked in on this nonsense.  They're so fun.

That's all for me, folks.  I've met my quota on getting things done.  Except for getting Xander from school, getting diapers changed, snacks doled out, playing with the kids, getting everyone ready for the soccer game tonight, dinner, baths, and bedtime, of course.  ;)  Hope you're having a productive Tuesday too! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick Post

I've got about 10 minutes before I have to get the twins up and get Xander from school, so this will be quick - like this week.  I can't believe it's Friday.  It flew by.  We didn't do too much, really.  I got to hang out and watch a movie with my pal (with no kids around), we had a tornado warning and crazy storms, we had a make-up soccer game, we had small group.  Yep.  That's about it.

Here's some pictures of the day(s) - all taken with my phone because I've gotten lazy with my camera again.

Day 131 - The only picture I "took" (off the nursery cam) of Paxton napping and Piper reading a book.  After she pushed her bed against the door.  This was Sunday and I have no idea why, but I rarely take pictures on Sunday.  Isn't that weird?

Day 132 - Reading before (the twins') bedtime.  Xander likes to help put them to bed too.

Day 133 - This girl is suddenly all about some baby dolls.  She plays with them a lot and they do what she does (get in the tent, eat, watch Curious George, etc.).  It's pretty cute.

Day 134 - They found Daddy's and brother's drinks that were left on the kitchen table from the night before.  They were so excited and proud that I let them have a few sips (and took a few pictures) before I took them away.

Day 135 - This boy's bedhead has no equal.  It's amazing.

Gotta run.  Hope you have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Pictures

These were supposed to be anniversary pictures.  August 14 was our 10-year anniversary, and so I had this idea of going back to the place we got engaged and the place we got married to have our pictures made.  It was going to be mostly me and Lucas, and a few of the kids, too.  But as time got closer, I realized - I want more pictures of my kids.  So it turned into mostly family/kid shots, and a couple of me and Lucas (thanks to my mom who came along to watch the kids while we did a few of just us).

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Apples and Showings and Ghosts, Oh My

So last time I posted, I went ahead and chose a photo for that day, even though the day was just half-way over, and I said I wouldn't take anymore pictures.  But then I got my new phone in the mail, and we went outside to play, and I took more pictures with the phone.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Today's not over

It's "nap time" - which today has meant - "go to your room and move around all the furniture and wrestle time" - so I feel weird picking a photo of the day already.  What if I get a fantastic picture later?  But I already got a fairly cute one this morning when we were playing outside, so. . . decisions, decisions.  So as I sit here and let my new phone load (you may recall that Paxton dropped my old one in the toilet, and as luck would have it, my contract was almost up and the brand new iPhones were coming out.  But I still got an older model because I'm cheap), I thought I'd get caught up - again - on my Project 365.  I'm about 1/3 of the way through!  Crazy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beautiful Fall

First off - the potty training.  It didn't happen today.  Piper woke up and within a few minutes had a VERY messy diaper.  I will spare you details, but it was the worst one I've seen in about a year or so.  Still - she wanted to do underwear, so we did it for a while.  She never went to the potty by herself, so I made her sit on it about an hour after changing into underwear.  And . . . um. . . more of the messy diaper happened.  Luckily, it was in the potty, but I just didn't think I could clean that off the floor, couch, etc. all day, so we went with diapers.  (Which was a good call - she had a few more like that.)  We'll try again tomorrow.