Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March!

I don't hate winter.  I really try not to "hate" very much at all, with a few exceptions (the Governor from The Walking Dead comes to mind.  HATE that character).  But what I was saying was - I don't hate winter.  But I'm tired of it.  I'm happily welcoming March.

So let's say goodbye to February by wrapping up the Project 365 for that month.

Day 264 - Xander's really sweet to let them smother him while he plays

Day 265 - We were out this Monday and it was getting close to time to pick up Xander, so we swung by Sonic for happy hour slushies and got in the car rider line early.

Day 266 - Lucas snapped this on his phone as I was making breakfast with my little helper.  Well, one of them.  I love it.

Day 267 - It wasn't even that cold, but Paxton insisted on wearing this hat to (and in) the store.

Day 268 - Snow Day!

Day 269 - Dinner with friends.  Paxton loved their kitty, Raisin.  Most kitties run from him (and this one did too, part of the time), so he was in heaven with it on his lap.

Day 270 - We had a work-on-the-house day, and Xander decided to teach Paxton how to clean the windows.

There we go!  See ya, February.  March, let's do this.  Bring on the sunshine!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days

All winter Xander has been wanting snow.  Last week he got a few days off school for "snow," but it was mostly ice, so he was bummed.  But today - we have snow.  About 5-6 inches of it, which is pretty good for around here.  Needless to say, he was out of school.  And my mom (Mimi) is a county employee and county offices were closed, too, so she got to bring her sleds and come play.  (And that meant I got to take pictures.)

Xander liked pulling them.  So sweet.

Paxton wanted off, so Mimi told Piper she'd take her by herself and she could lie down.  For some reason she put her arms up like this and wouldn't put them down, even after we told her several times that she could.

See the arms?  Hilarious.

He crushed a big snowball and it got in his face.

While Xander and Piper tried the sleds, Paxton went and made "snow cream" in his house

Paxton eating his "snow cream" and Piper at halftime a la Ace Ventura.  (She stayed like this for a few minutes.  I started to get worried but then saw she was sucking on snow.)

Belly flop!

Oh man, so Piper had her head turned and Mimi wanted to wipe her nose and kept saying, "Piper, look at me.  Piper, look at me.  Look at me.  Piper.  Piper, look at me."  Finally Piper turned her head and looked at her.  Like this.  I died.

Snowman building

The hereditary concentration tongue

Paxton loved the snowman.  I asked if his name was Olaf and he said, "No, Elsa!"

Thanks Mimi, for helping us have a fun snow day!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Big Fat Photo Dump

My husband went out of town last week, and took the only working charger for the computer.  So my laptop was dead.  So I couldn't blog.  But really, there wasn't much to write about except ice and going completely insane from being inside for way too long. 

I haven't posted any pictures from February at all, so let's just get to it.

Day 243 - Me and my Pax

Day 244 - Raja loves to ride and pick Xander up from school.  And the twins love it when she comes along.

Day 245 - I had started feeling bad again at this point (either the sinus infection came back or I got the flu - didn't go to the doctor to find out), so I tried to make them play by themselves and not get near me so they wouldn't get sick.  Clearly that worked.

Day 246 - I actually didn't take "real" pictures this day because I felt like poo.  But I snapped this as Xander did his extra special homework so I could show my sister.  Proud of this kid.

Day 247 - Piper found the glitter.  (This happened nearly 3 weeks ago and we're still finding glitter all over the house.)

Day 248 - Xander was just sitting on the couch, reading quietly to himself.  Lucas was working from home.  It just struck me how big he looked, siting there beside his daddy, both working.

Day 249 - My niece Kate's 7th birthday party.

Day 250 - The start of Hell Week.  Okay, maybe that's dramatic, but it was no fun.  This was a Sunday, and Xander had a stomach bug.

Day 251 - Xander stayed home from school, but started feeling much better, especially when his new game arrived in the mail.  Unfortunately, by that evening I was sick.  Then that night - Paxton.

Day 252 - I stayed in bed all day.  Since this little man was sick too, he came to join me in a bed for a little while.

Day 253 - Piper got sick this night, and I stayed up most of the night with her.  Paxton woke up early and freaked out because his sister wasn't there, so he came downstairs with us.  When Lucas got up to go to work, this is what he found.

Day 254 - This little girl was feeling much better, and we were all on the upswing.  We thought.

Just for fun - the left was almost exactly one year before the right.  Silly girl.

Day 255 - This is the day that Lucas got sick, but this picture is much cuter than a representation of that.

Day 256 - Valentine's Day!  Lucas's brother called and said he and his family were tired of the Boone cold and heading down to our town to go bowling.  Me and Xander joined them (Lucas was still sickly) and bowled, played arcade games, laser tag, and then the boys did a laser maze which they were super excited about.

Day 257 - After church we went by my parents' house to hang out for a bit.  Xander and Piper decided to put on a performance for us.

Day 258 - Lucas left for sunny California just as it started snowing here.  Then a layer of ice covered the snow.  No fun to play in, but really hard to drive in.  No good.

Day 259 - I love this picture so stinking much.  We were stuck in the house with each other all day, so Xander had no choice but to play with his siblings.  Here Paxton was sitting on the couch and Xander would run out and scare him.  (Not sure why Pax was wearing the hat.  And no pants.  It was a snow day.  Anything goes.)

Day 260 - Boredom reached another level.  Xander decided to recreate some of the videos they watch on YouTube where people open up hidden toys - like these hidden in Play Doh.  We made several videos this week (all terrible quality) and now Xander wants his own YouTube channel.

Day 261 - This day school was actually back in session, but Xander couldn't go because he got pink eye.  Because OF COURSE he did.  Sinus infections and flu and stomach bugs and ice storms aren't nearly enough for one month.

Day 262 - The twins won't nap in their room anymore, and it has drastically cut my time to get things done.  This day I scrubbed this bathroom on hands and knees, then a bit later I gave the twins a snack (in the living room) and ran downstairs to grab laundry.  I came back to this craziness.  So glad I just scrubbed those floors.

Day 263 - Oh, and speaking of the twins not napping in their room. . . This happens every now and then.

Whew.  I'm still not completely caught up, but I am really tired, so I'm calling it a night.  Thanks for sticking with me, friends.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting There

I am both "getting there" in catching up on my Project 365 and in getting well from being sick.

This sickness was really annoying, y'all.  I wasn't like crazy, feeling-like-I'm-dying kind of sick, but I still felt pretty bad.  Not quite bad enough to warrant a trip to Urgent Care, though.  (I'm kind of stubborn about the doctor, though.  If my kids had my symptoms, we would have been there in a flash.)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dancing Twins

So I'm alive.  But still sick.  Or I guess not "still," really.  I was sick.  I got medicine.  I felt better.  Then I got re-sick.  Annoying.

I also have gotten really behind at pictures, and I don't have enough time to sort through them right now (before having to get Xander from school), so instead I'll show you a few I just took a bit ago.  The twins were about to nap, so we did one last potty break.  Before I could get them dressed, they decided to have a little dance party.  So I grabbed the camera of course.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stuff to be thankful for

I was originally going to title this "Sick," because that's a good summary of the past week.  I didn't mention it on here, but Pax had a fever/low appetite for a few days, but then he got better.  But a day later Piper started running a fever.  It hit her harder, and by the time her fever went away, she was left with terrible congestion.  Then I got the congestion and fever.  And I still have it.  I just sneezed 14 times in a row.  For real.  I counted.

Monday, January 19, 2015

2 years in!

I've mentioned before that I like to "keep" memories.  One of the ways I do this is on index cards.  I have 365 cards - one for every day of the year.  Each day I write down just a few words about what happened that day.  The big, the little, the interesting, the boring.