Sunday, April 12, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Alexander James

My firstborn is such a character.  He's so much more than all of these little quotes, but they do give a good idea of a part of him.  His brain never stops working.  I don't know where he comes up with half of this stuff; I'm just glad I'm around some of the time to write it down.

"I want to get married just so I can have kids.  I'll have 5 kids and they'll all be boys.  The first one will be Junior.  Really Alexander James Bruch, Jr., but I'll call him Junior.  And one will be Norman.  He'll be the naughty one.  And my wife can name the other 3."

(while play fighting) "Ha ha!  I just cut his underarms off!"

"I hope when I go to Heaven and get my new body that God gives me another kid one."

Xander:  Why is our house always freezing?!
Me:  I don't think it's freezing.
Xander:  That's because you're always wearing clothes.

(Seeing Piper with cute clothes on and a bow in her hair) "Oh Piper!  Some baby is probably going to fall in love with you tonight!"

Xander (while play fighting):  You're gonna die now!
Me:  Oh no!  What will you do without a mommy?
Xander:  Finally live my own life!

The twins' nightlight went out, so we took the one out of Xander's room to put in there.
Me:  Will you be okay without it tonight?  I'll get you another one tomorrow.
Xander:  It's okay; I don't need it.  I know God doesn't make monsters.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Today is Easter.  It has been a good one. 

Xander has always questioned things - ALL things - but this year the answers to those questions are starting to click a bit more.  So Easter gets more interesting.  If you really think about it, it's hard to explain to a child why Easter is so important. 

So Jesus died.  And we're celebrating?  Oh, so he came back to life.  Kind of creepy, but okay - kind of cool.  So we have a whole holiday over a zombie, basically?  I mean, it's weird. 

But he's just starting to understand the BIG deal about it.  That Jesus dying and coming back to life wasn't a random miracle.  It was for him.  For me and his daddy.  For his brother and sister.  Jesus took our place back then. 

It's still really big stuff, but I'm glad that he knows the real reason for Easter - even if he doesn't quite fully understand yet.  One day he will.  And so will his brother and sister. 

But that said - we still do all the silly fun stuff that goes with Easter - the baskets, the egg hunts, the candy.  And we did all of that at our house, at my parents' house, and at my grandparents' house this year, as usual.  We had so much fun.  Xander was so excited about every single little thing he got (he has thanked me several times throughout the day), Paxton fell in love with egg hunts, and Piper is a champion chocolate-eater.  Here are some pictures.

My kids love watching YouTube channels with people opening toys, and one thing they love about those is when people open Kinder Eggs, which are chocolate eggs with prizes inside.  Unfortunately, they are illegal in the US so we can't buy them here.  So I bought some egg molds and made my own.  All of those pieces in the middle were a part of a giant one I made - about the size of a football.  Inside were some prizes and even a real Kinder Egg for each (which Lucas brought home from London a few months ago).
When we arrived at Big Papa and Mimi's the cousins were happy to see each other

And Paxton was happy to find a seashell!

This is the best shot I got of Xander and his cousin Riley.  No one was in a picture-taking mood, as you will continue to see.
Okay, so Piper was doing pretty well.  She was proud of her new princess dress that her Grandy bought her

Lucas and I both took advantage of her good mood to get a picture with her

Xander didn't like the sun in his eyes.  Paxton was crying at this point, so no parent/child pictures for him.

And this is the best shot of all the cousins.  I think it's safe to say Kate was the only one wanting to pose for a picture.

I'm surprised we even got a picture of Paxton's face during the sibling session.  It didn't go so well.

I think Lucas said something funny here, which Piper enjoyed.  Xander is wondering when this will be over, and Paxton is answering that question - um, NOW.
At least Lucas and I were willing subjects.  Should have cropped this one, though.

And after about 38 takes, this is the best shot of the 5 of us.  Yep, this one.  Ah well.  I'll take what I can get.  (Xander just looked at this and said, "That isn't very good.  Look at me and Daddy.  The sun was SO bright!")
After a clothing change, we were ready for an egg hunt

I yelled at both of them, but Piper was too busy to look at me.  Oh, and check out Paxton's sweet Batman shirt with the cape.  He wants to wear a Batman shirt pretty much every day, and he has grown out of the short-sleeved one he wore last year.  So I got him this one.  And then my mom got him the exact same shirt.  So now while one is dirty, he'll have another to wear.  I think we'll be seeing a LOT of this shirt this spring and summer.

My nephew got this Ninja Turtle mask (and a sword) for Easter and pretty much wore this all day.  He's so awesome.

This was the point that Paxton realized there was candy in the eggs.

Time for the big kids!

I got no good shots of any of the big kids' faces because they were way too intense about finding eggs.  But I love this one!

That's it for today.  I didn't take out my camera at my grandparents' house.  I did take a few on my phone, so I'll check those out and post any that are superb.  Obviously there will be several.

So - I've just been ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged in a month.  The thing is - I don't know how much I want to keep doing with this.  I really started it because I missed writing.  But it really is just a place I post pictures and I don't do much writing at all.  It's not because I don't have thoughts, I'm just wary of putting them out there, I guess.  I don't really enjoy showing a bunch of emotion or being vulnerable at any point, but much less in a public forum, and I feel like you really have to do that to write well.  I just can't pull the trigger from turning this from an online photo album to a journal.  Plus, it really bummed me out when I screwed up the design and I don't have the time nor desire to learn how to design cool blogs just to update mine.

So the decision now is - am I okay with having a mediocre online photo album?  I don't know.  I've kind of enjoyed my month "off," but I've missed it a little too.  I like the way it forces me or organize my pictures, for one thing.  I enjoy organization, despite the constant chaos of my home.  And I know there are friends and family that like staying updated on the kids.  I'm still pondering.  For now, I guess I'll post when I want to.  And I won't when I don't.  It's my blog, after all.

But for now - thanks for checking back in.  Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March!

I don't hate winter.  I really try not to "hate" very much at all, with a few exceptions (the Governor from The Walking Dead comes to mind.  HATE that character).  But what I was saying was - I don't hate winter.  But I'm tired of it.  I'm happily welcoming March.

So let's say goodbye to February by wrapping up the Project 365 for that month.

Day 264 - Xander's really sweet to let them smother him while he plays

Day 265 - We were out this Monday and it was getting close to time to pick up Xander, so we swung by Sonic for happy hour slushies and got in the car rider line early.

Day 266 - Lucas snapped this on his phone as I was making breakfast with my little helper.  Well, one of them.  I love it.

Day 267 - It wasn't even that cold, but Paxton insisted on wearing this hat to (and in) the store.

Day 268 - Snow Day!

Day 269 - Dinner with friends.  Paxton loved their kitty, Raisin.  Most kitties run from him (and this one did too, part of the time), so he was in heaven with it on his lap.

Day 270 - We had a work-on-the-house day, and Xander decided to teach Paxton how to clean the windows.

There we go!  See ya, February.  March, let's do this.  Bring on the sunshine!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days

All winter Xander has been wanting snow.  Last week he got a few days off school for "snow," but it was mostly ice, so he was bummed.  But today - we have snow.  About 5-6 inches of it, which is pretty good for around here.  Needless to say, he was out of school.  And my mom (Mimi) is a county employee and county offices were closed, too, so she got to bring her sleds and come play.  (And that meant I got to take pictures.)

Xander liked pulling them.  So sweet.

Paxton wanted off, so Mimi told Piper she'd take her by herself and she could lie down.  For some reason she put her arms up like this and wouldn't put them down, even after we told her several times that she could.

See the arms?  Hilarious.

He crushed a big snowball and it got in his face.

While Xander and Piper tried the sleds, Paxton went and made "snow cream" in his house

Paxton eating his "snow cream" and Piper at halftime a la Ace Ventura.  (She stayed like this for a few minutes.  I started to get worried but then saw she was sucking on snow.)

Belly flop!

Oh man, so Piper had her head turned and Mimi wanted to wipe her nose and kept saying, "Piper, look at me.  Piper, look at me.  Look at me.  Piper.  Piper, look at me."  Finally Piper turned her head and looked at her.  Like this.  I died.

Snowman building

The hereditary concentration tongue

Paxton loved the snowman.  I asked if his name was Olaf and he said, "No, Elsa!"

Thanks Mimi, for helping us have a fun snow day!