Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ice cream, park, and wrapping up Project 365

Today my friend Kaitlyn came to hang out with us and we decided this 97-degree day was a perfect day to go to Blowing Rock (which is always at least 10 degrees cooler) and get some ice cream and play at the park.  So we did.

We got to Kilwin's to get ice cream and the kids pondered over every choice for quite a while.  Xander chose Superman, so did Piper, but Paxton said "chocolate."  Paxton isn't a huge fan of chocolate ice cream so I thought this was an odd choice, but got it anyway.  When I tried to hand it to him, he cried.  Apparently he wanted a $0.40 piece of chocolate instead of an ice cream cone.  So we ended up with one cone too many.  But not to worry. . .

Piper handled the situation.

After we ate ice cream (I'm not a huge fan of ice cream but they already had PUMPKIN out so of course I had to get some), we played in the park.  And everyone wished they were at the beach and decided to get buried in the sand.

Xander buried Piper

Kaitlyn buried Pax
It was a pretty fun afternoon.

And now for the end of my Project 365!  Which should have ended 2 months ago, but who's counting?

Day 351 - Xander got on a kick where he wanted to be an author and illustrator.  I'm sad to say he's not churning out a book a day anymore because they were fantastic.  I hope he'll get back to it again.

Day 352 - We went to have lunch with Lucas and I stopped for a second to take in the view on the way home.

Day 353 - Waking up and reading some books to each other

Day 354 - Xander got some model rockets for Christmas but we had to wait until it got warmer to set them off.  This evening Lucas and Xander worked on putting them together.

Day 355 - My brother took Xander fishing!  With the exception of a few snafus, he had a really good time.  And I loved getting the pictures like this one from my sis-in-law.

Day 356 - Paxton got a haircut.  This was also Memorial Day and we had a great time at Grandpa Ted's house playing in the creek and eating (and shooting rockets).  But the hair cut was the biggest deal (to me anyway) that day.  He's super cute with the big boy cut, but I sure do miss that beautiful hair.

Day 357 - I love Piper.  I love that she chose this outfit.  I love that she can entertain herself by splashing in a tiny puddle (on the back of the basketball goal) for 20 minutes.  She's awesome.

Day 358 - Girl's got some air, too.

Day 359 - Paxton's Wild Animal Bathing Services now open.  (There's a giraffe submerged under those bubbles.)

Day 360 - We noticed a slight rash on Xander the night before and this morning it was a tad worse, so we took him to the doctor.  They said it was probably a mild reaction to something and to give him Benadryl.
Day 361 - This is how he woke up the next day.  We went back to the doctor immediately and got steroids this time.  He kept saying "Don't look at me!  I'm a monster!"  Poor kid.
Day 362 - We had a very small get-together for the twins' birthday in one of our favorite places - Grandpa Ted's house in Boone.  It was a really lovely day and we all had a blast.
Day 363 - Pax and Raja, just hanging out on the couch.  He loves her so stinking much.

Day 364 - My little rebel.  We were at the house of relatives when I noticed I hadn't heard Piper for a few minutes.  I walk around the corner of the house and see this.

Day 365 - Paxton and Piper turn 3!
Ahhhh!  Made it.  I may have cheated in the end there, but I did it! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Daddy's home and pool day!

Lucas came home today from a 9-day trip to Alaska.  So of course, after having no sleep in over 24 hours and literally an entire day of travel, we let him crash and played quietly so as not to wake him.  Juuuuuust kidding - we made him take us to the pool.

Xander has been asking about going to this pool pretty much the whole summer, but since it's a public pool (with many other kids around), I knew it would be difficult to keep my eyes on all 3, so I've needed back-up before we could go.  So today we went.  And we had a blast.

Even Paxton, Mr. Cautious, had so much fun.  He started slowly but eventually took the puddle jumper off and ran around in the splashing water parts.  He didn't want to leave!

Piper, of course, loved it.  She just got mad that she wasn't allowed to jump off the diving board.  Really - she was so mad.  But Daddy throwing her was almost as fun.  She'd put her face directly in the line of shooting water and just laugh and laugh.

Xander had fun, too, and I'm so glad Lucas was able to come with us.  Xander slid down this slide and jumped off the diving board for a while, but after about an hour he said he was ready to go.  Lucas asked if he was kind of bored and he said yes.  So after that he and Lucas dove together and tried new tricks and just goofed around together.  We ended up staying about 2.5 hours total and no one was wanting to leave.

It was a very fun afternoon and a great way to celebrate Daddy coming back from his trip.

Now let's get to the catching up.  Here's the next 10 in my Project 365.

Day 341 - This was Mothers' Day and I took several cute pictures of me and the kids in our church clothes, but I think this is a better representation of us.  Blurriness, not looking at the camera, no pants.  Yep - that's us.

Day 342 - These guys are acting more and more brotherly.  Which does include love, like this, but also fighting.  But I really don't even mind at this point, because I love that they're acting like brothers.

Day 343 - Totally my fault.  Not sure what I was thinking.  We bought pink marshmallows and I decided to give Piper and Paxton each one for the ride home.  (Xander was at school.)  Paxton was fine with his.  This is what happened to Piper.  Again I say - messiest child alive.

Day 344 - Are y'all familiar with Shopkins?  They are tiny rubbery toys shaped like different things you can shop for.  From veggies to appliances to shoes.  And my kids love them.  This day Paxton lined them all up and was making them talk to each other.

Day 345 - I was trying to take a picture with my 3 kids, but Piper refused and Raja and Donatello wanted in.
Day 346 - This used to be a sand and water table.  Then it was just a water table.  Now it's pretty much a kiddie pool.
Day 347 - We went to the mountains for a friend's birthday party and the kids were looking awfully cute.
Day 348 - This is what I'm talking about.  Brothers.
Day 349 - I let the kids play in the rain in the summertime (if there's no lightning).  This time, though, Piper got a little chilly.  I looked out and saw Xander warming her up with a hug and yelled for them to smile.  This is what I got.

Day 350 - Oh, this smile.  And that hair!  I still miss that hair.  Love this boy so much.
Man - just 15 days left!  Maybe I'll put them all in tomorrow's post.  See you then!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Project 365: 331-340

Wow; we're so close to rounding out the Project 365.  And when I started this project, I intended to post pretty much every day and just pick a picture.  Clearly, that didn't happen.  Some may think it's pointless to go back and pick one, but the truth is, I've already done the legwork.  I've still been taking pictures every day and as I organize them I'm going ahead and choosing one each day and putting it in the P365 folder.  So even though I realize this isn't the way I wanted this to go down, I want to finish it out on here so they're all in one spot. 

I have to be fast tonight though because there's a brand spanking new Lego set that is begging to be put together, so I've got to get on that.  So here we go:

Day 331 - This was the day before we left for vacation.  Paxton had a cold and it was kicking his little tail.  I was a bit worried about the 5+-hour drive the next day, but by this same afternoon he was feeling much better, thankfully.

Day 332 - The beach!  My parents came with us for a long weekend at the beach.  After we checked out the ocean, we came back in and the kids wrestled with Big Papa.  (See Piper's legs?)

Day 333 - This was early May, and I just love the weather that time of year.  I'm not a big fan of being really hot, so 80 degrees is perfect for me.  And it's less crowded, too.

Day 334 - This is about how it went - Piper and Xander in the water (this time with Lucas), and Paxton, well, NOT in the water.  He hung out in the sand and on the steps of the pool. 

Day 335 - Lucas's birthday, and I think a pretty good one.
Day 336 - This day we traveled home from the beach and came back to our floors being refinished!  We had cleared out several rooms before we left and Lucas's dad worked his tail off and re-did our 85-year-old floors by himself in the few days we were gone.  They look amazing!
Day 337 - The home-from-vacation funk.  Twins had a chill day with a little Curious George while Xander was at school.
Day 338 - Pretty little thing wearing Daddy's new hat

Day 339 - Just hanging out on the playset

Day 340 - Mimi came over and played on the trampoline.  She was trying to get them with the "Tickle Monster" here.

Lego time!!!  Hope you had a good weekend, friends.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Project 365 catch-up. Still.

We had a really fun Saturday today.  Even though it started way too early for me at 5:45, waking to Mike Wazowski saying, "Hey!  Watch the eye!"  I guess very few people have to wake up to the sound of Billy Crystal's voice, but let me tell you - it's not very pleasant. 

So I hear Mike Wazowski, coming from the monitor (coming from a stuffed monster that talks) and then I wait. . . Yep, Paxton's crying.  So I comfort him and he goes back to sleep.  But I couldn't.  For the first time in 3 years I could not go back to sleep.  Very frustrating.

But I got up, cleaned a bit, ate something, then Xander got up.  Then the twins.  Then we all got dressed, picked up my mom, and went shopping for a bit.  We weren't really on a big mission to find anything specific besides a pencil box for Xander for school (we got it), but I did score an outfit - tunic and leggings - for Piper for $0.13.  Not thrift store.  Just good shopping.

Then we came home and ate lunch and hung out a little while, then went to a friend's house.  Well, the house of many friends.  It's actually our youth leader's house and there was a meeting for the small group leaders (I lead the high school girls), but since Lucas is still gone I brought the kids too.  They have a boy who is just 5 months older than Xander and they played hard.  They had so much fun.  And they have 3 girls who are older than that, and they watched and played with the twins.  And they have a kitten, so there's an hour of entertainment right there. 

So all that to say - great day, but I'm so tired.  I came home, did a super quick bath and bedtime for the twins, and it was already 9:00.  So I'm going to throw some pictures up here then me and Xander are heading to bed too.  Here we go.

Day 321 - This girl. 

Day 322 - Soccer games!  Xander rocked at soccer this year.  He was really aggressive and scored a bunch of goals.  And we know a lot of players on all of the teams, so it was really fun to watch.

Day 323 - This guy.

Day 324 - Just hanging out on the trampoline, peeling apart "helicopters."  (I have no idea what those are actually called, but that's what we've always called them.
Day 325 - Funny picture, but they wouldn't sit still for a good one.  We rarely go out to eat, but this day we met Mimi for lunch because a) she's always up for a chance to see grandkids and b) I'm always up for a chance to eat pizza.
Day 326 - I co-threw a baby shower for the lovely friend in the middle there.  (My lovely co-host is on the left.)  She is the mama of the twins' good buddy Evan and now to another sweet boy, Salem.

Day 327 - My cousin Chase got married to this pretty gal and we celebrated with a crazy-long edition of The Newlywed Game (in which they beat us in Round 428) and with food, family, and mustaches.

Day 328 - Field trip day!  Xander and 3 others got chosen to stand in front and close their eyes, and they put a snake around all their shoulders.  Everyone else bolted, but Xander loved it!

Day 329 - Last day of soccer for the season.  This was his team - the Teal Flames (yeah, I don't know).  I love these kids and the way the boys have their arms.

Day 320 - Me and Paxton had a trip to Walmart - just the 2 of us.  Among the impulse buys were a roll of fun wrapping paper for me and some mini cookies for him.

Bed tiiiiiiiiiiime!  Peace out, homies.